Librarians Recommend: Books to Grow On

Dear Families:

The world of independent reading is one of the most satisfying gifts we can give to our children. Although some children may discover this marvelous world on their own, many of them need our help and encouragement. When children discover that reading can be helpful and enjoyable, it becomes a meaningful, necessary part of their lives. They may read because of a hobby or interest, to seek information, or to satisfy their curiosity, but they will read with pleasure.

Our task, then, as adults to whom our children look for example and guidance, is to create favorable conditions for reading. Below are some suggestions for creating a climate that encourages reading.

  • Children follow examples. If they see that books are an important part of your family life, they will want to make them a part of theirs.

  • Children love to be read to. Studies have shown that most successful readers have had parents or brothers and sisters who have read to them.

  • Children appreciate organization. Setting aside a special time for reading - when TV is not permitted as a substitute - is an excellent way to develop a pattern for reading.


The lists which follow have been compiled to aid you in encouraging your child to read. They are not all-inclusive. Although the books are listed under specific grade levels, the interest and ability of your child should be considered when selecting a book.

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