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Calling all student writers!

Bookworms is an opportunity for you to become an author and illustrator of your very own published book to be circulated in the Montgomery Elementary School library for other students to enjoy. Upon 6th grade awards, the book becomes yours to keep and cherish for years to come!

Before getting started, check out some of the fabulous Bookworms created by other students - just check them out of the library and enjoy!

Click HERE for a detailed list of instructions.

Now you are ready to begin! Just join the Google Classroom for Bookworm using the code tf7ieh

The Template to use is in the assignments section of the classroom.

Once you are done typing your story be sure to submit your work just as you would when handing in an assignment to your teacher.

For questions related to Bookworms, please contact:

Kim Harrahan:

Christine Pekula:

Nancy Leshak:

Sample books: