Celebrating Diversity at Montgomery

Montgomery Elementary's Home & School Association proudly celebrates the diversity of our students, their families, and our community.  Through committees, events, extracurricular activities and other initiatives embracing the diversity of our student body, Home & School hopes to further strengthen the Montgomery family.

In 2019, the Montgomery Elementary Home & School Association created the Multicultural Committee.  This committee consists of parents and teachers dedicated to promoting cultural awareness, celebrating our differences, and providing our students and their families with a welcoming and inclusive environment.  The Multicultural Committee has proudly contributed the following to our school:

  • Provided trivia questions for the morning announcements on topics such as Women's History Month

  • Decorated the front lobby for cultural and religious holidays and celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Holi, Women's History Month, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas

  • Provided translations of school communications into multiple languages

  • Created a YouTube channel featuring videos of Montgomery families and their cultural traditions

  • Provided resources for parents on various topics

  • Funded a mural project celebrating multiculturalism and diversity at our school

  • Donated books on multiculturalism to the school library

  • Donated multicultural crayons to incoming kindergartners

  • Created a multilingual welcome banner for Montgomery events

Learn more about the Multicultural Committee and its members here.

In 2019, Home & School implemented year-long, school-wide service projects for each grade level. Organizations supported by our students included Manna on Main Street, which provides food and assistance to struggling members of our community, and Wish Them Well, which provides school supplies and educational materials to schoolchildren in Togo, Africa, as well as financial support for clean drinking water in the impoverished areas of this region.  Through these efforts, we aim to educate Montgomery students about the various economic, cultural, and social needs of both our local and global communities. 


In 2019, Home & School enlisted artist Brian Groth to design and paint inspiring, encouraging and inclusive messages in the student bathrooms. 


In 2019, Home & School purchased and installed a sensory path and sensory wall panels outside the gym and bus lobby to promote neuro inclusivity. With auditory, tactile and visual elements, these wall panels reinforce sensory exploration for all students, and provide a calming, interactive experience for those in need of additional stimulation.

Home & School has also teamed up with teachers to provide insight to the services our school provides to students with additional needs.  Learn more here

For many years, we have welcomed members of the Lenape community to present an interactive living history assembly on Lenape Life and the experience of indigenous peoples.  Through this engaging experience, students learn about Lenape traditions, horticulture, family life, hunting skills, fire making, pottery, food and cooking, and cordage.

Each spring, Home & School hosts a Multicultural Night celebration.  This fantastic event invites Montgomery families to share their cultural backgrounds with our community through food, music, crafts, traditions, dress and entertainment.  

Home & School is also proud to provide financial support to Mrs. Chevoor's Culture Club, an extracurricular group that engages students in learning about other countries and cultures, and features authentic foods and educational speakers. 

Our Spring and Fall Book Fairs feature dedicated sections to books on topics such as multiculturalism and diversity.  

The Home & School Mentoring Program pairs families new to Montgomery with a mentor to answer questions and offer support, guidance, and friendship.  We are continuing to develop this program to provide each incoming family with the cultural, lingual, and special needs support they need to feel at home in our school.

Home & School has begun collaborating with our specials teachers to celebrate national heritage months.  In our first weekly email of each heritage or history month, we feature a curated list of books celebrating the culture, a playlist featuring famous music artists, and biographies of athletes and artists from that culture.  Hispanic Heritage Month was our first collaboration.
     - Playlist 
     - Famous Hispanic Artists
     - Famous Hispanic Athletes
     - Books Celebrating Hispanic Culture

In an effort to include more students in our Bookworm program, the committee chairs expanded the list of submission formats to include collages, photos, and screenshots of AAC devices.  We believe that every child has a story to tell!