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Through the cooperation of students, staff, parents and community we will proudly promote an atmosphere of acceptance, appreciation, ability, acknowledgment and achievement for all

Principal: Dr. Marie Kim, [email protected], 215-368-6614
School Climate Coordinator: Mr. John DeSimone, [email protected]
Principal's Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Lorraine Oliver, [email protected]

Building/Attendance Secretary: Mrs. Beth Faia, [email protected] 

Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Lauren Merrill, [email protected]
Psychologist: TBD

Health Suite: Mrs. Marisa Green, [email protected]
Health Suite: Mrs. Francine Polansky, [email protected]
Health Suite: Mrs. Lauren Kane, [email protected]

School Hours/Arrival & Dismissal

9:10am - 3:40pm


Students must be in class by 9:10am or they are considered tardy.
Please plan to arrive at school between 8:50 and 9:05am if you are walking or arriving by car. Students may enter the building at 9:00 when the bell rings.
After 9:10, please go to the office to drop off your child.
Transportation Changes/Requests: Please send in a note or email your child's teacher & Mrs. Beth Faia if there are any changes from your child's usual dismissal routine.


To Report an Absence or Lateness, please click the link: 

Absence & Tardiness