Treasury Forms

Montgomery Elementary Home & School 
Treasury Information
2023 - 2024
Please use the following Google Forms to complete your requests. You may either fill them out online, or print, fill out and scan/email them to Lauren Wilson -  [email protected] or drop them off in the Home and School mailbox at school. 

Please reach out to our Treasurer, Lauren Wilson, with any questions at [email protected]


Debit Card Request: Used to request to use the H&S Debit Card for large expenses such as a deposit to hold a venue date.

Google Form: Debit Card Request Form

Printable PDF: Debit Card Request PDF

Check Request: Used to request reimbursement for committee and/or Home and School event related expenses. 

Google Form: Check Request Form

Printable PDF: Check Request Form PDF

Cash Box Request: Used to obtain start up cash for an event that will be selling anything (refreshments, book fair, holiday shop, etc.).  Please submit this form to the treasurer 2 weeks before the event date

Google Form: Cash Box Request Form

Printable PDF: Cash Box Request Form PDF

Funds for Deposit: Used as a 'deposit slip' to document post-event income for purposes of having those funds deposited into our H&S account. Funds should be bagged, along with the deposit slip, and placed into the school's safe within 48 hours of the event's conclusion

Google Form: Funds for Deposit Form

Printable PDF: Funds for Deposit Form PDF