Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get in contact with my child's teacher?


You can call the office at (215) 368-6614 from 8:00-4:00 PM and leave your name, number and a brief message with one of the secretaries. Montgomery also has voice mail. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate individual within 24 hours of receipt.

Or, you can send an e-mail using the links on the
Faculty & Staff page of this website.

My child forgot their: homework, lunch, books, etc... How can I get it to them?


You are more than welcome to drop off their forgotten item at the front office. Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Kwortnik will make every effort to insure that our children receive any missing items. However, planning and preparation prior to leaving for school should be encouraged.

My child is sick and I want to collect his/her homework.


Please contact the teacher via email, or you can leave a request for homework when you call your child out sick first thing in the morning. Homework will only be sent home with a sibling. If requested, a parent may pick up homework in the office after school from 3:35-4:00. The office closes at 4:00 PM.

In case of inclement weather, where can I find the school closing information?


  • The North Penn school code is 303 on KYW 1060 AM.
  • You can dial in to our local radio station WNPV 1440 AM
  • You can call 215-368-7663 for a recording on the inform-a-phone
  • You can check on our district website
  • Please avoid calling the school directly unless you have a specific need that we can address

I want to find out how much money is in my child's NPFS Account. How can I do this?


All you need to do is phone the school cafeteria to obtain the balance of your child's account. If you happen to be in school, you may go into the cafeteria and ask about your child's account balance. You may also request a print out showing how he/she is spending the money in the account. If the account is running low, the child will be given a form to bring home indicating that it is time to send in additional money.

What happens to the money in their NPFS account at the end of the school year?


At the end of the school year, a form is sent home to each child who has a balance in his/her account. You may indicate on this form that you would like a refund, or that the money may stay in the account for the next school year. If your child is in sixth grade, the money may be refunded or it will be transferred to the Middle School.

What time is breakfast served in the cafeteria?


Breakfast is served from 9:00 to 9:15 a.m in the cafeteria.

My child has a food allergy. Who should I talk to about this?


If your son/daughter has a food allergy, you should alert the school nurse as well as the child's teacher as soon as possible. The school nurse will advise you as to further steps you need to take. Your child's class will be informed that there is a food allergy that they need to be made aware of, so as to not send any food to school which contains that substance.

Where can I get a copy of the lunch menu?


At the end of the month, your child will receive a hard copy of the school menu delivered home with them for the upcoming calendar month. We also provide this information at this website. Click on lunch menu for the current month's lunch menu in Adobe .pdf format

My child is not taking the bus. How early may I drop them off at school?


You can drop off your child from 8:55 until 9:05 AM at the student drop-off location of the school. Children coming to school after 9:05 AM are considered late and parents need to come into the front office to sign them in and fill out a tardy note.

Who do I call if I have a problem with the bus?


If you have questions or concerns regarding bus schedules, you may call the North Penn School District Transportation Office at 215-853-1139 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on weekdays only. Questions and requests will be processed according to "priority" - with concerns regarding student safety receiving immediate attention.

What if I want to pick my child up rather than taking the bus home?


If you are going to pick your child up before the bus takes your child home, please send a note with your child in the morning. You may also call ahead of time. The office can better meet your needs if they have enough time to relay that information to the proper staff members. Please avoid showing up at dismissal with this request. Classes get ready for dismissal procedures at approximately 3:15 PM.