2023-2024 Student Supply List


One plastic folder with two pockets labeled with first and last name

One large backpack (should be able to transport chromebook)  labeled with first and last name

One dozen sharpened #2 pencils - Ticonderoga brand only

One box of Crayola thin markers

Two boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count)

One pack of thin black Expo dry erase markers

Two boxes of tissues

Two containers of disinfecting wipes

One box of gallon size of Ziplock bags

One package of thin Elmer’s  glue sticks

One set of Crayola colored pencils

One large soft zipper pencil bag (Recommended Pencil Bag) labeled with first and last name

One set of headphones (No bluetooth, No earbuds) labeled with first and last name



Chromebook (charger stays home in a safe place for nightly charging

One large backpack labeled with your child’s name 

One hard plastic pencil case approximately 8x11 (Target or Amazon has them)  *Please stock the pencil case with 3 sharpened pencils, 1 box of crayons, 1 glue stick, 1 highlighter, a pair of scissors, and 1 black Expo marker.  Please take all items out of their boxes and packaging.  Additional items should be placed in a large zip top labeled with first and last name.

PLASTIC folders with pockets and prongs, one of each color: orange, red,  blue, green, yellow, black. Using a sharpie, label the front of only the GREEN folder with your child’s first and last name and the works “Homework Folder”.  On the inside left-side pocket, label with the word “Home” and on the right-side pocket, label with the word “School”.  This green folder will travel back and forth between home and school each day

Sticky notepads (an assortment of colors)

Sticky Flags

Two boxes crayons (24 count)

One dozen sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga brand recommended)

FOUR  large glue sticks - removed from packaging

Two packs (4 pack) BLACK Expo dry erase markers - removed from packaging

Eraser - block style only

One box of colored pencils 

One box of THICK washable markers (original colors)

Two yellow highlighters - removed from packaging

One set of headphones packaging removed, labeled with first and last name

Water bottle (flip top/straw works best in case of a spill - we have lots of them in first grade!)



One set of headphones/earbuds to be used for our Chromebooks - remove from packaging and send in a labeled plastic bag

One large backpack

Two pencil boxes, approximately 6"x 8"

one dozen pencil top erasers

Two 24-count box crayons

One dozen #2 sharpened pencils

Three LARGE glue sticks

Three PLASTIC pocket folders - red, yellow, blue

One package colored markers- not thin

One box colored sharpened pencils


One sturdy whiteboard - approximately 8x10

Four fat whiteboard/dry erase markers - BLACK

*Students may choose to bring in a cordless mouse


Clorox wipes

Baby wipes


Three black marble copybooks

One box crayons

One box colored pencils

One box markers

One pack highlighters - multicolor

One small (3x5) and one large (4x6) pack of index cards

Two packs of #2 sharpened pencils

Personal whiteboard

Two large book sox

Headphones OR earbuds

One pack of glue sticks

Four pack of 3x3 Post-It Notes (assorted colors)

One eraser

One pair of scissors

One pack of dry erase markers/thin markers preferred

Three plastic folders with prongs: red, blue, green

Pencil box: please place 3 pencils, 1 glue stick, 1 dry erase marker, scissors, 1 highlighter in the box. Place the rest in a zip lock bag with child’s name on it


unscented wipes

Lysol/Clorox wipes - disinfecting wipes

For Graziola: one clipboard that holds 8.5 x 11 size paper


One box crayons, 24 pack

One dozen colored pencils

One dozen #2 pencils to be used throughout the year

One glue stick

One pair of scissors

One pack of 4 whiteboard markers to be used throughout the year

One pack highlighters, multicolor

One pencil pouch - not box

One 3-holed punch (2 pockets) *used as a home school folder

Earbud / Headphones


antibacterial wipes - Clorox or Lysol


One 2” binder with a strap and a zipper would be VERY helpful for your child

One pack of dividers with pockets

Five spiral notebooks with holes 

One three-sectioned spiral notebook with holes

One zippered pencil pouch with holes to go in binder rings

Homework assignment book - can be purchased at the School Store

Earbuds (small and compact) (a spare pair would be VERY helpful)

Whiteboard markers

Whiteboard eraser

Two glue sticks

Two packs of 2x2 Post-It - two or more different colors 

One set of highlighters - multicolors

Two red pens

One pack of colored pencils

One pack of index cards

Two packs of sticky flags


One or more?  box/boxes  of tissues

Hand Sanitizer

One pack sanitizing wipes/baby wipes

One box of #2 Pencils


Two dozen #2 pencils

One binder, 2” - no accordion pockets

Two packs of dividers with pockets - different colors ( 1 pack needed for ELA)

Five notebooks - should be different colors

1 pack of lined paper with holes

Earbuds (small and compact) 

Post It Notes (3 packs per student-3 different colors if possible) 

One pack highlighters – multicolor

Expo markers

Three glue sticks

Two boxes of tissues

Hand sanitizer

Clorox Wipes

Optional Supplies:

Wireless Computer mouse 

Binder hole punch

One pack of 3” by 5” index cards

Paper reinforcement labels 

One pack of colored markers

One dozen colored pencils